Reinforced Supply Chain

New technology for logistics, freight, and beyond aim to improve the broken global supply chain.

The global supply chain was brittle heading into COVID-19 and completely fell apart as the global pandemic froze factories, ports, and global transportation. Retailers and brands have responded by investing in technology to improve traceability, efficiency, and resiliency of their supply chains.

Why Now?

A combination of factors including COVID-19, the boom in e-commerce, US-China trade tensions, consumer interest in sustainable sourcing are driving the need for supply chain technology.

Who Cares?

  • Gen Zs and Millennials who expect delivery to be as seamless as online purchases
  • Inventory planners who must plan around the quickly changing tastes of these consumers
  • Legacy trucking, air, and maritime freight providers
  • Any retailer hoping not to be left with too much (or too little) product on their shelves

What Areas Excite Us Today?

  • Automating the booking of trucking loads
  • Platforms to increase the visibility across the supply chain
  • Robotic fulfillment technology that reduces the reliance on warehouse labor

01SMB Bundle

Integrated FinTech for SMBs

SMBs need technology to automate workflows and remove friction so they can focus on what matters most.

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02The "Shein Model"

Direct Ship from Manufacturers

Brands and retailers will begin to leverage the “Shein Model” to bypass existing supply chains and fulfillment models.

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03Gen AI

AI is Reshaping Retail and Financial Services

Gen AI is already driving down costs in our industries, with the promise of transforming experiences in the future.

04Open Banking

Financial Data is Powering a New Wave of Applications

Proposed regulation has the potential to expand the scope of open banking in the U.S., leading to the need for new infrastructure and the development of new experiences.

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