Commerce Conversations

Introducing Commerce Conversations, by Commerce Ventures. The podcast where we dive deep on FinTech and Retail Tech with industry experts.

What powers the brands and financial services we love to use? Commerce infrastructure, of course.

The more consumers adopt digital products and demand fast, delightful experiences from their brands, the more this space grows. Commerce Conversations is a podcast from Commerce Ventures, where we dive into the most interesting emerging themes across retail tech and FinTech. Tune in for research deep dives, industry conversations, and intimate CEO interviews from our team.




01SMB Bundle

Integrated FinTech for SMBs

SMBs need technology to automate workflows and remove friction so they can focus on what matters most.

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02The "Shein Model"

Direct Ship from Manufacturers

Brands and retailers will begin to leverage the “Shein Model” to bypass existing supply chains and fulfillment models.

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03Gen AI

AI is Reshaping Retail and Financial Services

Gen AI is already driving down costs in our industries, with the promise of transforming experiences in the future.

04Open Banking

Financial Data is Powering a New Wave of Applications

Proposed regulation has the potential to expand the scope of open banking in the U.S., leading to the need for new infrastructure and the development of new experiences.

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