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We back entrepreneurs from every background building the infrastructure for tomorrow's industries


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Delivering 360° shopping to top retailers


Issuing the future

Enabling new ways of doing business by modernizing how payments work


Retirement plans reimagined

Retirement plans reimagined. Providing a digital retirement platform that works


Claims processing made easy

Streamlining outdated insurance claim processes

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Our Mission

To partner with entrepreneurs who are building the platforms required for the future of retail and financial services.

Our Sector Focus

Our narrow focus and sector-specific network helps companies find more customers, distribution partners, advisors, and key executives.

Understanding the Commerce Continuum™


Enabling the next generation of physical and digital retail

Our Shop Portfolio


Making payments faster and more efficient for consumers and businesses

Our Spend Portfolio


Revolutionizing the underwriting, servicing and operations of insurance companies

Our Secure Portfolio


Powering new and old financial institutions with transformational software

Our Save Portfolio

Retail Tech

Payment Tech

Insurance Tech

Banking Tech

Our Portfolio Companies

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We take a deeply thematic approach to investing. Our themes are inspired by the vision of entrepreneurs and the needs expressed by thought leading corporate executives in our network.

Recent Areas of Focus Include

01 — SMB Tools

The FinTech SMB Bundle

SMBs need technology to automate workflows and remove friction so they can focus on what matters most.

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02 — Blockchain

Blockchain Meets Retail

Blockchain technology is enabling retailers to power new loyalty applications, prove authenticity, and bring their products to life in digital experiences.

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03 — Supply Chain

Reinforced Supply Chain

New technology for logistics, freight, and beyond aim to improve the broken global supply chain.

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04 — Loan Servicing

Next-Gen Servicing

Modernizing the infrastructure to manage, view, and collect loans will not only result in upside for providers but remove unnecessary friction from already painful consumer actions.

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